Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Moishe House Denver - Zachary Hines

Shalom from Moishe House Denver. My name is Zack Hines and my friends and I took over the Moishe House in Denver last August. Denver is a beautiful city surrounded by the Rocky Mountains. In the winter We have a thriving young Jewish community here. Our Moishe House strives to give more opportunities and reach out to those who may have not connected with other jewish organizations through various traditional methods. Since launching our new house we have had the opportunity to meet so many new people and hold a wide variety of programs. By far our most successful and fun have been out shabbot dinners.

My roommates and I cook huge feasts where we treat our guests to Roasted Chicken, leg of lamb, Mexican feasts with home-made guacamole and salsa and other dishes. It has been a blast hosting people for Shabbot dinners and meeting and mingling with so many other young jews. Each meal I always meet at least one person who has just moved here within the last month or even the last week, Moishe House is a great way for people new to the city to connect right away to a big group.

Over the last few months we have made some exciting partnerships with other local Jewish Organizations. Last week we partnered with the Federation to hold a huge Shabbot dinner. With the exisiting network the Federation has and their reach in the Jewish Community we were able to have more than 70 young people at a Friday night dinner. Another great event that we had last week was a meeting with the Founder of Hazon, Nigel Savage. We hosted a get-together where we taught our guests how to make Hummus from Scratch and then we had a chat/learning session with Nigel. Had I not been apart of Moishe House I would of never had the opportunity to meet Nigel and learn about all the awesome things that Hazon is doing for the Jewish Community. Hazon is an environmental organization that promotes sustainability for our planet. Hazon promotes organic farming, Community Supported Agricutlure, and is trying to change the way we jews interact with our food and planet.

I am so glad and thankful that I got the opportunity to be a resident of Moishe House. Bringing people together has been a rewarding experience and has helped strengthen my ties to the Jewish Community. If you are ever in Denver please stop by our house!


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