Saturday, February 5, 2011

Moishe House Baltimore is heating up the winter

If someone had asked me 7 months ago to guess what I would be doing now I’m not sure what I would have said. I do know that I never would have thought I would be living in the new Baltimore Moishe House, building what I consider an ideal Jewish community. Since starting the house in August, we have held dozens of great programs, made lasting memories, and met so many new friends. Moishe House has truly become an integral part of the Baltimore Jewish community and it has been so interesting to be a part of this from the beginning.

In the past few months we have had some incredible programs that have really showcased what Moishe House "Bawlmor" is all about. Some of my favorites have been: our latkes and vodkas event, complete with a full latke bar with every possible topping and friends brought different types of vodkas for everyone to taste, and our January Shabbat dinner where over half of the attendees were new faces. Another interesting event we had recently was a town hall style meeting facilitated by a professional from our local Federation where we discussed the recent results from the Jewish community study and talked about how Moishe House can best serve the community.

This month I am really excited about some of our upcoming events. We are holding a poker night fundraiser next week and later in the month we are going to bake challah for the first time ever (any recipes or helpful tips greatly appreciated!). We are also going to be holding a PINK breast cancer awareness Shabbat in March, which is in honor of Women’s History Month.

With allthis going on it’s easy to see how 6 months have flown by so quickly. I’m so excited for everything coming our way in Baltimore and to see how Moishe House will continue to grow.

Signing off from Charm City,

Andi Waghelstein

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