Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Blogging Goodbye to Moishe House DC - Rachel Streitfeld

I believe it was just fewer than three months ago that the Euclid Palace said ‘peace out’ to a resident, that young lad off to pursue his pro-Israel, professional dreams. Well next month I shall do the same. I bid adieu to the District after nearly nine sweet years; my destination is sunny South Florida, where I’ll be the South Regional Director for J Street, a pro-Israel advocacy organization.

Frequently, there are great conversations about Israel at our Shabbat dinners and various parties, so respectful and civil. The regard for our community and its diversity always keeps us responsible. The camaraderie and trust that lives among friends in the Moishe House frees us to speak and listen to one another. It’s special. It’s absolutely the best, and we get into it.

What a privilege it is to have lived here and met so many bright, impressive young people. What a scene we are, The Twenty-Something Jews of Washington gathered in two dimply lit, massive rooms around couches and a banquet table on Friday nights. Each of us on the move, scheming our next win for the cause while stuffing our faces with vegan fried rice and flourless chocolate cake. On our Israel politics and many other issues, we know what we’re talking about. Sometimes we agree to disagree and move on to something more fun, no harm done. We are a formidable and passionate demographic.

My roommates Eli Wald, Noah Karesh, Lily Hamburger, Ayelet Cohen and Dan Kandy are hilarious, awesome people. (I hope everyone meets at least several of them at a retreat coming soon). The Moishe House Foundation has my lifetime support. Thank you for this humbling and life-changing opportunity to live here and be a part of this community.

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