Monday, November 14, 2011

Moishe House East Bay Camping Shabbat

We’d been talking about planning a great camping trip for at least a year here at Moishe House East Bay, and we finally made it happen last weekend! We reserved a camping spot at beautiful Del Valle reservoir, located just outside Livermore. I’ve been going camping there for years, ever since I was about 11 years old, and I can say with all confidence that it is one of the most beautiful, accessible camping places in the Bay Area. It’s only about an hour outside of Oakland, and has trails, a lake, boats, beautiful camping spots, and tons of wildlife.

A couple of us showed up early to schlep in all of the food, water, tents, and toys (guitars, drums, muumuus, etc.) for the weekend, and set up everyone’s tents, put together a camp kitchen, and made the space welcoming for all who would be arriving just in time to celebrate Shabbat. Our guests were delighted to arrive to a campfire, snacks, cocktails, and live guitar music. Thanks to Birthright NEXT, we had plenty of delicious food, and so we lit our Shabbat candles, sang the blessings, feasted, and kicked off a weekend without technology, responsibilities, or distractions.

We spent our time hiking, running, swimming in the lake, sunning, making music, drumming, cooking, eating, making new friends, and just generally escaping from our busy city lives and reveling in the natural beauty of the Del Valle area. We saw tons of birds, including a couple of bald eagles, and even saw a couple of tarantulas in the area!! I’m so grateful to be a part of a community that has the resources to create such a beautiful, restful, peaceful Shabbat experience for such a wonderful group of people. It’s a wonderful opportunity to be able to create these types of experiences for young people in the Bay Area who are thirsting for a peaceful, meditative, spiritual retreat.

Moishe House East Bay


Dylanarman said...

We’d been talking about planning a abundant camping cruise for at atomic a year actuality at Moishe House East Bay, and we assuredly fabricated it appear endure weekend.

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