Wednesday, July 6, 2011

World Champ Team - MH Dallas

The world-champion Dallas Mavericks provide a profound lesson in the triumph of teamwork over selfishness. When the Miami Heat sought to craft a world championship team they did so with the thought that if they could acquire the most-talented players in their starting five they would be able to defeat anyone. The raw desire that each of the stars the Heat acquired had in obtaining a championship for themselves would naturally result in their working together to obtain a goal that would benefit all of them, (think free-market economics: As long as markets are free and competitive the actions of private individuals, motivated by self-interest, will work together for the greater good of society). LeBron wanted a championship for LeBron, Bosh for Bosh, and Wade for Wade, and in the end none of them got a ring. The self-interest model failed miserably.

The Mavs on the other hand kept their eye on one goal, a championship for the team. There was no room for egos, simply get the job done, forget the limelight. When Mavs needed inspiration the players did not rely on their own naked ambition for personal glory but dedicated their playoff run to the likes of Caron Butler a star teammate who had been unable to play since February due to injury, yet played an integral part in keeping up morale in the locker room.

At Moishe House Dallas, we take inspiration from our world champion team. Ultimately there is only one goal at MoHo Dallas run the most meaningful and unique events possible for the greatest amount of young Jews in Dallas, by any means necessary. We all have extremely busy schedules in this house and running successful events is very time consuming and hard work, but as a cohesive unit there is little we cannot accomplish effectively. As a team it is imperative that we can rely on one another to perform necessary tasks to get the job done. Yet there are doubtless times where differing obligations will conflict for a “teammate” and require greater effort from the other teammates. In MoHo D, there are no questions asked when greater effort is needed the job will get done with no complaints. (think: Dirk’s shot goes cold, get the ball to Chandler or Terry)

There is no ego in MoHo D, the goal and mission is bigger than any one of us. The past few months have been extraordinarily difficult for me with final exams and bar review and I would like to thank my teammates of MoHo D who despite the fact that I produce like Dirk with a 103 degree fever or even Peja trying to play defense at times, my teammates with out fail always come out strong and get ‘er done, by any means necessary.

Damon Mathias

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