Sunday, July 3, 2011

Moishe House London - July Events


It's July: it's not that hot but it's the English Summer so that's okay. Murray, our only British hope, has got knocked out of Wimbledon spectacularly and been told that it's probably because his best is just not good enough - lovely! London just hosted this year's Gay Pride Parade. Lots of festivals. Lots of fun. London, for the most part, is a happy place to be.

Events for July are a delightful assortment of education, festival fun, and music and film goodness.  See below for the complete list of events for July.

As always, Moishe House is open to you all the year round so come chill, play, chat, learn, entertain, be entertained, create new friends, and consolidate old ones. You are an integral part of our community, so get involved in any way you like - our doors are always open.

Much love to you all.


10 July

Freecycle Clothes Day!

Where:Moishe House London
When:10 July from 14:00 to 17:00

Get ready for the summer by cleaning out your closet! 
Have a jumper in your closet you don't think you need anymore? Love finding treasures in other people's clothing-trash? Come participate in the Moishe House Freecycle Clothes Day! 

Bring your books, bring your old jewelry, and bring your clothes!

So spend an afternoon with Moishe House, bag a few gems for your closet! Whatever isn't picked up by one of us will be donated to a local charity, so what do you have to lose? 
Message Alli if you have any questions. 

See you then!

14 July

Open Mic Evening

When:14 July from 20:00 to 23:00

Moishe House's very own open mic evening.
A chance for you to show us what you've got. 

Open to all... Perform in our very open, welcome and accepting space.
Bring your instrument if you have one. We will provide a guitar, a mic and the sound system

18 July

Jews Dating non-Jews: the end of the Jewish people or no big deal?

Where:Moishe House London, Willesden Green (message us for the full address)
When:18 July from 20:00 to 22:00

Are you a Jew in a relationship with a non-Jew? A non-Jew in a relationship with a Jew? The child of one Jewish and one non-Jewish parent? Are you converting or contemplating conversion for a Jewish partner? Or do you simply want to air your views about mixed faith relationships? 

Whatever your circumstances come and share your thoughts, experiences and opinions on this issue with Zahavit Shalev. Zahavit runs the conversion course at New North London (Masorti) Synagogue. She is also a project worker at Jeneration ( where her job is to reach out to mixed faith couples and support them in finding a connection to Judaism that's right for them.

19 July

Burning Man Pre-Compression Briefing

When:19 July from 19:30 to 22:30

A how to and hang out for peeps going to Burning Man this year and anyone else who's interested.


Old-timers share experience, newcomers ask questions, everyone gets excited. Dress up optional. Bring snacks.

21 July

Labyrinth Film Night

Where:MoHoLo - please message for the address
When:21 July from 19:30 to 22:30

Following up on the success of The Big Lebowski night, we will be celebrating all things Bowie with the screening of the amazing '80s cult classic Labyrinth. 

Get lost in a beautiful film, dress up like the Starman himself if you want (who doesnt love big hair, big make-up and tight, shiny clothes?), and come along for a fun night! 

7:30pm for drinks and snacks, 8pm for the film. Bring snacks and drinks as you wish, and come along for a fun night - if anyone has any ideas of Bowie-themed cocktails, let us know!!

You have no power over me...

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