Tuesday, March 8, 2011

March Fun

This is the first post coming out of the DC Moishe House for 2011. We had a great end to 2010 with a huge Hanukah party attended by over 250 party-goers celebrating the festival of lights.

2011 has been treating the house well. We have been really focused on expanding our partnership with local non-profits. We just held an amazing dinner party with the African Immigrant and Refugee Foundation. Two Kenyan founders came by with their cooking knives and taught a group of 35 local DCers the ins and outs of Kenyan cuisine. Unbeknownst to me, Kenyan food shares a lot of similar spices and dishes with Indian cuisine. After the lesson we feasted on chicken curry, lentils, maze, and other delicious dishes. Besides the fantastic food, the event created great exposure for the organization and even compelled some of our guests to start volunteering for them.

Beyond the more serious causes we support and promote, MH DC is bringing some light hearted and fun events to help alleviate the stress that this city can bring upon us. Two events of note this March will be the Purim Party, which will top of the Hanukah party, as costumes will be in full effect. Check it out on facebook!

The other event, which we are very excited about is the monthly art gallery party, called VestibuleDC. MH DC has partnered with local artist and curators to bring the city’s best, young talent into our house to display their art work. The artist will change monthly and host everything from painters to photographers, to chefs, musician and more. So we are thrilled to welcome in the springtime, our new roommates, and a whole new sector of the DC community.

That the latest for now.

Moishe House DC

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