Friday, March 18, 2011

Austin Litoff - MH Dallas

Hi Y'all,

This is my very first blog entry. In trying to figure out what I wanted to say, I looked at some of what other mohoniks wrote. Many contain stories of Moishe House events and how it has reached all kinds of different people in forging a community, basically, examples of us, as Moishe house, following through with the game plan and doing what we're supposed to do. Similarly some wrote of the novel exciting programming that they organized and executed. While I was at first tempted to do some of the same, I, instead, would like to write about Moishe House from a different angle, writing not of what Moishe House has done for the community but rather writing about what this whole Moishe House experience has done for me.

Before joining Moishe House, my life was just that, "my" life. I could make whatever I wanted out of my free time. It was great. At least so I thought. Moishe House changed all of that. Instead of thinking just of what I was doing on a given Friday night, instead I'm cooking for a group of 20 or 30 and making a night happen. Now, instead of just catching the game, I'm sending emails and making phone calls bringing together a watch party. Instead of thinking up something new and cool to do, I'm thinking what would be an exciting activity that all kinds of different people might find to be fun.

And all of that is so much better. Thinking of those around me first and trying to forge a community makes all of those things that would have been fun before into something truly rewarding, something we can all be proud of. Going and playing poker was fun on its own. Bringing people together at our place for a charity poker tournament is something special. An analogy anyone can understand is that of preparing a meal. Anyone who has ever cooked a meal knows how good it feels to have put time and effort into putting something delicious together. That of course, is made all the sweeter when that meal is shared. It is much more satisfying to see the look on a persons face of enjoying a tasty home made treat, than to eat to eat the treat oneself. That satisfaction is something we at Moishe House get with all of our programming (not just making shabbat dinner!). The look of appreciation when people have found a home at Moishe House Dallas is really something to cherish and something for which I myself must be grateful. To take it one step further, though, that it instills in us the want to lead and make things happen in a community is all the more valuable; changing me to want to do those things is even better.




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Zweef the Shliach said...

Austin is the man! He makes Dallas rock! Shkoyach to all the MOHO Dallas guys!