Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Welcome Welcome Welcome!

Imagine you're home. You're at a surreal comfort level. You have your family around you. You feel loved. You love those around you. Everything is pure joy and all you feel is happiness. Now picture yourself at Moishe House LA. Welcome to my life.

Having now lived at Moishe House for 4 months I've experienced a new type of joy. I've moved around a lot and lived with many people before, forming different communities...but never one that's felt quite this homey. Our Moishe House in LA is truly turning into a home and each member and new person who comes in through our doors becomes a family member. Over the past few months we've grown so much and members of our community are beginning to be our friends not only on a MoHo level...but a more personal one. This feeling of comfort and community is one that makes planning events, living with my roommates, and building our community so simple.

A few weeks back, I called a Moishe House participant/member who has become one of our friends and we made plans. Hanging out with her and spending the day together made me really see the impact Moishe House makes in each city it's in. Not only would I have never met this girl, but she might not have had friends like my roommates and I who are in this city excited and ready to form new friendships and grow as individuals with the people around them.

The beauty of the Moishe House community, in which ever city you live in, is the need and excitement for meeting new people. Who ever enters into a Moishe House is ready for something new, something exciting, something inspiring. Moishe House inspires me to work hard and make our home a fun environment and one that is welcoming to our future friends!!

I'm excited for where this adventure will take me. I feel so much potential and so much growth in a house and community that grows each week. There's never a dull moment and I look forward to exploring.

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