Wednesday, January 5, 2011

MH Hoboken

       Things are going well in MH Hoboken. We have recently returned from our yearly Winter Development Mountain Retreat and it was awesome. We took 35 people - Planning Committee Members, super involved community members, a MH alum formerly of Silver Spring, a current MH Silver Spring member, and 2 people from different Jewish organizations that we have partnered with in the past - and we had a fantastic weekend of development and bonding. From Social Barometer, to leadership quotes from historical leaders, to a modified game of memory with the cards being things in our world today that are shaping our present and future we learned alot about how we perceive the world, how others have made it a better place, and how we can continue to do the same.  Moreover it was important to create a sense of espri d'corp for the inner most circle of active people in the community. With over 1/3 of the participants having a history, whether current or past, of community building even the topic of informal conversation was programs we can do in Hoboken to expand the community.
        On another note we are working on an exciting project to bring together the Jewish groups from the NJ and NYC region together for a meet. Being a part of the Moishe House has allowed me some really good opportunities to discuss with others doing the same sort of community building, its allowed me to be part of a network of people who I've chatted with, discusses issues with, and who've helped me think through problems. Now its time to build that support network for the independent Jewish groups in NJ and NYC. These groups exist because their leaders took initiative and built them on their own and their communities have their own unique identities so we won't do anything top-down. Rather we are creating a creative meet up, a common space, for the leaders of these groups to learn about one another and their groups, talk about their trials and tribulations, issues they have dealt with, and programs they have done.

Thank you,
Joshua Einstein
MH Hoboken
Greater Hoboken Area

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