Tuesday, November 9, 2010

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i am pleased to see another shomer shabbos/shomer kashrus house in the moishe house system. i feel like our house paved the way as the first and only shomer/shomer house for a while. our house prides itself on its accessibility to all jews, religious or not, because every jew can eat kosher and not every jew can eat non kosher. setting an example to other houses on ways to be more inclusive has been a primary role when we come to conferences. other houses see the value. i am particularly happy to finally have another house nearby in california that also values the same jewish principles we feel are important to have present in the house. it's great to understand what their challenges are and it's great that some things are easier for them, nationally, because our house has worked hard to up to judaic standards at national programming. of 34 houses, i wish more had stircter adherence to jewish law, given that we are a jewish organization, but i do understand that not all jews have the same education, exposure, or desire to affiliate or practice in that way. that's one of the reasons why i think MH is such a cool jewish organization....because they let each jew do jewish in their own way.

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David Cygielman said...

Thanks Jodi. Are you talking about MH Palo Alto? I hope they will be able to learn from what you guys have done as well.