Friday, November 5, 2010

MoHo Dallas Happenings

Moishe House Dallas Quarterly Blog
A New Year, A New MoHo…The first six months of MoHo Dallas laid the foundation for a unique and versatile network of young Jews in the DFW area. Although MoHo is based out of Uptown, many come from all over the metroplex to participate in MoHo events, whether its coming from Mesquite for a Shabbat Dinner or coming from Fort Worth to BBQ and watch polo match, MoHo is attempting and succeeding in creating a diverse community. Yoni’s departure from MoHo definitely left an impact on the MoHo D experience, with Yoni’s keen sense of humor there was never a dull moment at the MoHo. However, Yoni had to leave MoHo to begin putting that talent to work at NYU Film School. Yoni is missed, but Austin has added a great dynamic to the MoHo trifecta, a childhood friend like Yoni, transition was really a non-issue. Austin has brought with him tremendous culinary skills, which has vastly upgraded our Shabbat menu. We have also incorporated more food based events such as the Ironman Chulent contest after services on Saturday. MoHo as a whole has also evolved over the past quarter incorporating different types of events into its lineup. We had an extremely successful Human Rights Benefit which attracted a substantial crowd and also partnered with AIPAC in a Middle East briefing for young professionals in Dallas. Shabbats have been and continue to be a great success at MoHo. MoHo Charity Poker is beginning to catch on and the more participants, and the larger the pot the more money that goes to charity, the winner gets to choose the charity. The retreat in San Francisco was a great time, and informative. Meeting other fellow Moishe House participants gave great insight and ideas into how to make MoHo Dallas an even better Moishe House.
Shabbat Shalom y’all

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