Monday, June 1, 2009


So, we went to a diary slam/Shabbat dinner at some friends that run a Carlebach minyan. It was an awesome night. Unfortunately a quick change of coat before leaving due to the British weather meant that I actually left the poem that I was going to read out (I usually favoured poems to sporadic diary entries) in the first choice coat pocket.

Though, I have been inspired to post one of the poems that I wrote when I was 17 up here, after spending some days flicking around the paranoid thoughts, and sometimes unexpected wisdoms.

I have chosen a piece that resonated particularly with me called A NAÏVE QUEST FOR FREEDOM....

Sitting here in this broken room
Compiling my deepest thoughts
Drifting in and out of consciousness
Thinking of a much different life

One of fulfilment, brilliant happenings
and stories to tell
A life of expression, exhaling my
Inner most emotions

A life of music
Music is the key
The building that holds the biggest ceilings
The widest rooms
But the smallest doors

The doors must be broken
Only through beating them
Can they be broken
Pushed down
Cracked and widened

Is frustration the only true path?
The determined will surely pass through?

Determined – in heart and mind
Kick the door down
Or sliver through the cracks
And enlightenment will begin.

Little did I know, how broke the music industry would be 13 years later. As I sit in my office working as an artist manager!

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