Monday, April 6, 2009

March in Moishe Philly

Whoa I cannot believe March has come and gone this quickly. It was a great month at MHP. From an amazing Purim concert featuring the West Philly Orchestra to my birthday (24!!) we were constantly filled with energy as the city (thankfully) transitioned into Spring.

Book Club was definitely a highlight for me this month. We read When A Crocodile Eats The Sun, a memoir about Peter Godwin's experiences growing up as a White man in Zimbabwe and his nation's struggles under Mugabe's dictatorship. It was especially meaningful for me because this is an issue that I am particularly involved with. And it was inspiring that the discussion evoked action-oriented questions about what we, as fortunate, White, American Jews can do about the situation.

Although it is an extremely overwhelming issue to attack, I was comforted by how strongly Tikkun Olam (repairing the world) resonates amongst the Jewish people. "Al shlosha d'varim" kept repeating itself as the group of 6 women, from very different Jewish backgrounds, all expressed their desire to make change happen. Unfortunately I am not sure how much we can do, but at least we can start taking baby steps, such as book clubs, to address issues like this...

...And I made a delicious, vegetarian, Zimbabwean lunch, from recipes from my friend Nesta Mlambo. She was raised in Zimbabwe, but regretfully her family is captive there. If you, MH Bloggers, would like more information about the current situation in Zimbabwe I would be happy to share as much with you as I can. Let me know.

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