Thursday, March 29, 2012

Shoshana - Moishe House Murray Hill

It’s the end of March and that means I’ve been living in NYC for just shy of 4 months now.  I’m certainly no stranger to the city, being from New Jersey and living within easy driving distance, but the experience of truly becoming a New Yorker is unlike any other.  For a city so full of people and constant motion and activity, it can be a fairly lonely place.  That’s why I think Moishe House is such an imperative part of the New York City landscape.  There is certainly no shortage of opportunities and communities for Jewish people, but not every community or program is right for everyone.  Even despite the huge number of options out there, out Moishe House has still found a place and managed to fill a void, providing the exact community and vibe that local twenty-somethings have been looking for.

Our Moishe House is unique, in that my fellow residents and I all have known each other for several years.  Rachel, Ariel and I all went to Rutgers University together, lived in the same dorm together for two years (Ariel was actually my roommate during sophomore year), and were very active in Rutgers  Hillel together.  Starting this new adventure together and pursuing this endeavor has not only brought us closer but also gives such a homey, comfortable feeling to our community.  We’re all students but some of us also work so we have a great dynamic and understanding.  We have some similar networks of friends but a very far reach of other ones that have helped us to bring in people for all over the city, make connections, and start new friendships that are all grounded in our Moishe House.  As much as I enjoy creating opportunities for others to meet new people, Moishe House has also been a great resource for me personally to make sure I spend some time relaxing, engaging others, and enjoying the company of those in my community.  Being a law student, setting aside time to socialize or just hang out with friends and especially engage my Judaism does not always take top priority, but Moishe House has ensured that I take the time to slow down and do just those things and for that I am truly grateful.

After our 3rd month of operation, I am tremendously proud of the programs we have put on, the people we have met and gotten active in the community, and the huge amount of promise I see for our Moishe House in the future.  We have Moishe House National Convention this weekend, which we cannot wait for – it will be such a great chance to meet other residents and learn from their experiences and ideas!  We all have tons of ideas, excitement, and energy and I know that in the coming months, there will be all the more exciting things coming from Moishe House Murray Hill.

~Shoshana, Moishe House Murray Hill

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