Monday, June 6, 2011

MH San Francisco - Jordan Clare-Rothe

May was a really good month for me here at Moishe House San Francisco. One event that was really important to me was Arise: posters for Japan relief. This was a fundraiser that I put on with an organization from my school to raise money for the rebuilding effort in Japan. Artists from all over the world designed posters and in the beginning of May we displayed them in a gallery in San Francisco, and sold them to raise money for Japan relief. (Five of these posters are still being sold online at and all proceeds go to Japan relief). It was great to make this a Moishe House event and be able to bring people out through the MH network.

This is also a month of change for us here. Our room mate Ariel moved out last week to go to New Orleans with Teach for America. And Kiki was accepted to Medical school in Israel and will be leaving towards the end of this month. I'm really sad to see these two go, but also super happy for them and excited that they are taking up new adventures. Adios, muchachos.

Another fun event at the beginning of the month was the second meeting of the Moishe House Comics club. For this meting we went to Wondercon, a huge exhibition of comics that happens here once a year. Got to hang out with Batman and Elvira. The Comics club will meet again for our third meeting in June.

Until next time, same moishe time, same moishe channel!

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