Monday, December 31, 2007

the kitchen theory - Karen - Chicago Moishe house

so there is this thing that happens at almost every large event. We have this great apartment - nice living room space with couches and chairs and an upstairs with more couches and room talk, and then we have this kitchen - great kitchen - not all that small but shaped the long way - a part of the hallway really. What i find remarkable is the way people congregate in the kitchen - whether we are cooking or not- they lean against the counters, wedge themselves next to the fridge, block the dishes, hide the knives - they love it in there - and for a while i figured it was the food, but then i noticed it occuring even when the food was in the other room - so here are my theories that i will testing in the coming months - maybe it is closeness - it forces people to stand close to eachother and they are craving this human contact- tiny spaces feel more safe like my dog and the way she crams herself under the shed in our backyard instead of sitting out in the open? Maybe in during the times we are cooking and cleaning while they are standing there it makes them feel more helpful? or maybe they just like the bright lights. Anyway - don't worry, i'm on it - i will seek the answers - i will unveil the secrets of the kitchen.

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