Monday, December 3, 2012

Moishe House Pittsburgh - Naomi Fireman

Moving to Pittsburgh has been a new experience, starting graduate school has been a new experience, and starting a new experience with Moishe House Pittsburgh has been the experience that has granted me with the most comfort, warmth and amity.

Everyone knows that being a newbie is as tiring as it is exhilarating, but in the Moishe House I have only felt feelings of kinship and companionability. The Moishe House of Pittsburgh has an interesting mélange of a community that includes determined graduate, medical, business and law students, passionate young Jewish professionals, and brilliant professionals in all fields. Our home has become a space for all young Jews to come, hang out, step out of their everyday routine and meet like-minded individuals.

‘Shabbrunch’, Shabbat Brunch, has become a regular event in Moishe House Pittsburgh that is my personal favorite and offers a micro view of what community the Moishe House of Pittsburgh is creating. The preparation of Shabbrunch, bustling around the kitchen with my housemates, baking, cooking and preparing the bagels and lox is a huge portion of the Shabbrunch enjoyment. There is a uniqueness in putting in the planning and logistics for an event that brings the house together. However the uniqueness of Moishe House can be seen during Shabbrunch. We gather for Kiddush, acknowledging Shabbat, and then begin our lazy Shabbrunch. The den will most likely have a football game playing, the dining room full of schmoozing, the kitchen supplying more nourishment and the conversations in constant flow. This is in many ways my ideal Shabbat – relaxing and conversing with new friends. I am thankful to Moishe House for granting me this opportunity, and grateful that we have the opportunity to open up the House to the community and welcome people in for Shabbrunch!

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