Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Moishe House SFV

Being a resident of Moishe House for just over a year now has not only showed me new things but taught me many things as well. Becoming a Jewish Leader in my community all began as a camp counselor at a Jewish sleep-away camp. As a camp counselor, I learned to be a responsible and independent individual as well as being aware of my surroundings. By this I mean, there is someone always paying attention to your actions, whether it was the camp director or the kids in your cabin. Through the camp I was elected to participate in a Birthright trip experience to Israel that was mostly made up of camp staff. I bring this topic up because as most of you know, Birthright NEXT assists in funding our Shabbat Programs each month. I became aware of Moishe House after attending my Birthright trip and hosting my own NEXT meals post Birthright. Through a friend that worked for the Birthright NEXT Los Angeles Chapter, he had mentioned Moishe House and how fitting it would be for me, as he was a former camp staff member as well. All the basics learned at a summer camp can be transferred to being a resident of Moishe House starting with program. We all have a program quota that needs to be fulfilled monthly and different program types that need to be fulfilled quarterly. I have the ability to organize and execute these programs without any issues and that makes me a strong Jewish Leader with the community I have built with my fellow residents. Programming has become second nature to me and Moishe House has allowed to me to exercise my horizons with various programs I can host for my community. We constantly take feedback from our participants and community members and we take this feedback and apply it to better our events and program, which also shows that every leader has room for improvement.

Jason Zide 

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