Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Filip - MH Warsaw

It's already 3 years here, but it feels like one. As times go by many things happen but you don't actually feel it, it's just inside you. Through this time there have been four changes in residents, dozens of guests, some for one night, some for more. Girl- and boyfriends came and went. It's just a good lively place, that's what I can say.

More and more people are coming, getting to know what MH in Warsaw is. Some stay, some go. But for all, I hope it is an open house. I feel we're hosts, warmly welcoming any guest who wishes to drop by. And that is an idea for what I would like MH to be – an open house. That is for me a real challenge.

Thanks to more visits from MH staff we know now that it's a thing we do along with the people the same as we are. David, Joel, Zvi, thanks for your work! And all the rest, keep it up guys!

Anyway MH Warsaw has been a guesthouse so far. More and more people getting to know about it and more and more guests. Which is really great and works as it should.
People – more and more people. That's what I recall after 3 years.
But my room didn't change much...

PS we still can't believe what David told us about beginning of Moishe House. It was worth it to live here for these years just to hear that story David!!! :-))


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