Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Moishe House Great Neck - Oren Kashi

What a great year MHGN has been having so far. We initially started off the year with much trepidation due to some fundraising problems but thankfully we have managed to raise the needed funds to keep us operating (thanks goes to the Ron Rubin Foundation, Iranian American Jewish Federation, Moskowitz Family Trust, and lastly but DEFINITELY not least, the donations from MANY of our regular participants)  Since then,we have been able to claim to be the single cause of three couples getting together, one married (a founder of MHGN), one engaged, and one has been dating seriously.  We have revamped the house with some interior decorating with furniture that was donated to us by one of our regulars and made our space more homey and spacious to all that come.  We hosted Italian cooking nights, house parties, our infamous shabbat dinners (Indian, Mexican, Chinese, Persian, Moroccan themed), International movie nights, bikur cholim!, holocaust speakers, adventures from modern iran events, and I can just go on.  We have participants from all walk of Jewish life and countries.  Some of the countries our participants originate from are: Iran, Syria, Israel, Panama, South Korea (yes..you read that right), Cuba, Columbia, Canada, Argentina, Russia, Kazakhstan, Switzerland, France, Brazil.... We might as well start our own UN! 

Though there are difficulties with all this greatness...(no pun intended on Great Neck..) and that is CLEAN UP!  Even though we host 80 ppl for a shabbat dinner, the clean up is quite taxing.  Sometimes it can take days to recover especially from cleaning up spilled Rogan Josh from the floor.  Either way though, its all worth it.

Overall, I get to live with the best guys I could live with and it gives me immense pride to be part of this organization to engineer change and interaction in our Great Neck Community!

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