Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Moishe House Baltimore - Eta Flamholz

I recently locked myself on the roof of Moishe House Baltimore alone and cell-phone-less. You might
well ask how this happened, but that story is for another time, another blog. Suffice it to say, I had
several panicky moments in which to lament my inability to repel down a wall and then several more in
which to wonder if the gathering storm clouds were about to let loose.

But the panic subsided surprisingly quickly. I’d like to think this occurred because I’m an amazingly
logical and calm human being. The truth is, the panic dispersed because of a minor epiphany, an “aha”
moment, that put both the roof and my current position as a House resident into perspective.

As I sat on the rooftop deck wondering if I’d ever see my family again, I looked up and caught sight of
the downtown Baltimore skyline. Despite the aforementioned storm clouds, the day was warm and the
sun was setting in an array of colors behind red brick houses, colorful storefronts, and leafy greenery. It
was gorgeous. That’s when I realized how blessed I was. I was sitting on an envy-inducing rooftop deck
in the city I love, having just seen some of my closest friends over a delicious MH brunch.

I have only lived in the Baltimore House for 2 months, but in that time I have met literally dozens of new
people, met friends for happy hours, volunteering, and learning, and had a wonderful, fun-filled life. And
all of these things were afforded me by Moishe House, from the House itself (along with the persnickety
roof) to the ability to hold events like brunch for friends old and new.

Eventually, my neighbor saw me on the roof and came to the rescue. It was probably for the best too,
since my epiphany would only have lasted as long as the good weather did. But I’m glad I got locked
out, glad I had a moment to reflect on the first months of my residency and the wonders that 3 girls in a
house can do when they have a little (or a lot) of help.

Hope everyone has a sweet new year filled with interesting people and different experiences!


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