Monday, April 30, 2012

Rafi - MH Buenos Aires

Three months ago the "Moishe House Experience" started for me. I was recently graduated from the Industrial Design Career in the University of Buenos Aires and I was ready to move in to Moishe House Buenos Aires. I lived all my life in this city, being an active member of my jewish community and I was really happy about this opportunity. 

Many things and events happen during those first days and lots of new people start being part of my life.
And suddenly only one month after I moved in, a trip opportunity to the USA came up and with that, the possibility of visiting many other Moishe House during my journey.

See you later Moishe House Buenos Aires! And Welcome Moishe House New Orleans, New Jersey, Brooklyn and Boston! I prepared my luggage, went to Ezeiza Airport and the travel started…

MH NOLA received me and my friends during Mardi Gras celebrations. We arrived a Saturday night, it was a strange city for me and as soon as I saw the Moishe house Carpet in the floor I felt a little bit like in home. Immediately this great group of residents: Zake, Malory, Barry and Laura made us feel like part of their group of friends.
MH Hoboken was next and this time I arrived alone to New Jersey.  Josh, David and Shira invited me to every event , we share a great Shabbat dinner together and enjoy so much with all of them. We even went together to a Purim party in the Moishe House Williamsburg in Brooklyn.
Last stop was MH Boston I only spent one day there, people in the House was so nice with me, and it was enough time to see how they live, and the kind of events and activities they do.

What an amazing experience! Such a great trip! Meeting new friends around the world! Feeling in home away from home, even when I wasn’t talking my first language.

I came back to Buenos Aires with a better knowledge of what all this “Moishe House thing ” is about. It was a very inspiring travel. Met new friends, learn how jewish young adults from abroad live, what kind of activities other Moishe house residents organized.  
It is so exciting to be part of this great project that aims to change the life of many… well it is certainly starting to change mine!

Thank you Moishe House! Gracias!! =)

Rafi Zelmann - MH Buenos Aires

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