Thursday, May 5, 2011

MH Hoboken

As I sat down to write this blog I realized how much I have seen both the MH Hoboken community and Hoboken Jewish community grow. When I first moved in, almost 2 1/2 years ago, we were the only Jewish group in Hoboken that was having Shabbat dinner on a regular basis. Now there is at least one Shabbat dinner every Friday night being organized and sponsored by different Jewish groups. Next week we, in collaboration with UJA-NNJ and MetroWest Federation and other local Jewish groups, are throwing a large Yom Ha'atzmaut party in Hoboken for young adults. The programming we do has also evolved and expanded tremendously including more tikkun olam events, joint community programs, and a broad range of speakers.

About a month ago we organized a meeting of Jewish community builders engaged in building grassroots, independent, peer lead Jewish community of, for, and by young adults (20/30's) from across NYC and New Jersey; which was held at the Birthright offices (thanks, birthright!). The community builders ranged from local Jewish community organizations of all types, spiritual, religious, tikkun olam focused, social, socialist, learning focused, Zionist and any mix of the afformentioned meeting, sharing their communities raison d'etra and vision, learning about other communities in the area, sharing strengths and area's of improvement, and meeting other community leaders they may want to collaborate with but didn't even know existed. The meeting was a great success and resulted in great ideas for future collaboration between the groups.

The connections and friendships that I have made through MH Hoboken are ones that I hope will last a lifetime!

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