Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Jeremy Guzik - MH Orange County

Life at the Moishe House in Orange County

Moishe House has brought me many things both before and after I became a resident. Moving back to Orange County in the end of 2009, I soon realized that most of my friends growing up were either still in school, working, or just MIA, leaving me with a lack of Jewish community and a social life. Just my luck, a fellow alumnus informed me of this great organization, Moishe House, so I gave it a try and went to one of the Shabbat dinners that happened to be during the World Series (Go Angels!). From day one, I liked what I saw and enjoyed the events Moishe House threw, the people who came to them, and to be put simply, the aspect of belonging somewhere.
After a year of participating in many events, I was asked to move in as a resident, an offer I could not refuse. In the beginning it felt as if my life turned upside down. I was out of my parents’ house, throwing events to bring my peers together, and living by the beach…I can’t really complain. Moishe House has helped to make me an independent person. Four months have come to pass with many things changing, but mainly only within my perspective. I no longer view an event as an activity I create for my peers, but an event is more so hosting a place for the entire community to come together to create what we call an “event.” This may be subtle, but it is quite the difference to me.
Many of the attendees who come out to schmooze, as that is what Jews do best, are searching just like I was for a place to fit in. It puts a smile on my face knowing what I am capable of contributing to the community. Whether we are throwing a social event, educating on Jewish heritage, Tikkun Olam, or in some cases, bringing couples together, I hope that I can continue to contribute for some time to come.

-Jeremy Guzik

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